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Complex Commercial Litigation

Giving The Underdog A Fair Shake In Commercial Litigation

If your small business is being bullied by a large bank or corporation, you owe it to yourself to fight back. In fact, fighting back may save your business.

Located in Bloomington, Illinois, the Law Office of Jonathan A. Backman represents small businesses in disputes with larger companies. The firm has 20 years of experience in commercial litigation and can provide the legal backbone your company needs. To discuss your case, e-mail their office or call 309-820-7420.

You Don’t Need To Go All The Way To Chicago To Get A Great Lawyer

Many big companies are only interested in benefitting themselves and will try to force smaller companies into one-sided contracts. All too often they callously overlook the interests of the often smaller businesses they have entered into a working relationship with.

With the Law Office of Jonathan A. Backman on your side, your company won’t run the risk of being overlooked again.

Attorney Jonathan Backman has experience representing the other side – large banks, insurance companies and corporations. He understands their motives and how they work to achieve them. The firm will represent you every step of the way in commercial litigation regarding:

  • Breach of contract
  • Interference of contractual relations
  • Antitrust relations
  • Trade secrets
  • Customer lists

The Law Office of Jonathan A. Backman will do everything in their power to preserve your contractual rights. They also help clients get out of harmful contracts. No case is too complex.

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Contact the firm if you need assistance in a commercial litigation case. The firm is upfront and reasonable about fees and promptly responds to all calls and e-mails. Mr. Backman’s office is conveniently located one block from the Law and Justice Center in downtown Bloomington, Illinois.